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Chrissy Teigen Has Low-Key Had A Secret Food Blog Since 2011

How am I just learning this?

As per usual, I was searching the depths of the internet for food content when I stumbled across something unusual...

Food Network

^ Actual GIF of me at work.

Maybe this is common knowledge. Maybe I've been living under a rock. But here it is...

Food Network

Chrissy Teigen has low-key had a Wordpress food blog since June 2011.

Jesse Szewczyk/BuzzFeed

It's called So Delushious and is loaded with recipes and food adventures by the culinary queen herself.

The blog includes helpful cooking posts such as how to perfectly cook scallops, a recipe for "the world's best" Caesar dressing, and her own trick for making perfect scrambled eggs*.

A genius two-ingredient hack for stepping up your coffee game? It's on there.

A post detailing her struggles to acquire duck fat so she can cook Gwyneth Paltrow's crispy potato cakes? That's on there too.

She even shared John's go-to steak marinade, which legit looks delicious.

And BTW, there's non-food stuff too — Chrissy opens up about dealing with the media and her travels abroad.

Sadly, the blog hasn't been updated since 2013 ― but lucky for you there are over TWO YEARS of blog posts for you to catch up on!


Including what she learned in various cooking schools and an insane recipe for cake batter popcorn.

So please, Chrissy — start posting again! The world wants more of your culinary adventures!

  1. Did you know Chrissy had a food blog this whole damn time?

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Did you know Chrissy had a food blog this whole damn time?
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    OMG how much did Chrissy pay BuzzFeed to write this?!