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Chrissy Teigen Has Low-Key Had A Secret Food Blog Since 2011

How am I just learning this?

As per usual, I was searching the depths of the internet for food content when I stumbled across something unusual...

Maybe this is common knowledge. Maybe I've been living under a rock. But here it is...

Chrissy Teigen has low-key had a Wordpress food blog since June 2011.

The blog includes helpful cooking posts such as how to perfectly cook scallops, a recipe for "the world's best" Caesar dressing, and her own trick for making perfect scrambled eggs*.

A genius two-ingredient hack for stepping up your coffee game? It's on there.

A post detailing her struggles to acquire duck fat so she can cook Gwyneth Paltrow's crispy potato cakes? That's on there too.

She even shared John's go-to steak marinade, which legit looks delicious.

And BTW, there's non-food stuff too — Chrissy opens up about dealing with the media and her travels abroad.

Sadly, the blog hasn't been updated since 2013 ― but lucky for you there are over TWO YEARS of blog posts for you to catch up on!

So please, Chrissy — start posting again! The world wants more of your culinary adventures!