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    16 Reasons Chicago Does Food Better Than Anywhere Else

    From the pizza to the popcorn, we just do it better.

    When it comes to food, Chicago doesn't mess around.

    Here's why:

    1. Because we have a street nicknamed "restaurant row" with all of the best bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

    2. Because every summer we host the world's largest food festival.

    3. Because we host the James Beard Awards — AKA the Oscars of the food world — every year.

    4. Because we know that the secret to making delicious popcorn is equal parts cheese powder and caramel.

    5. Because our cheap eats are incredible.

    6. And our ~fancy~ eats are amazing, too.

    7. Because we have Portillo's.

    8. Because we have some seriously 💯 Mexican food.

    9. Because we understand that pizza can be so much more than a flat disc of dough.

    10. Because we have one of the world's BEST burgers.

    11. Because you can find a gourmet hot dog basically everywhere.

    12. Because we take both meat and veggies very seriously.

    13. Because our meatpacking district is still home to premier butcher shops and actual meat.

    14. Because we have the absolute best produce and farmers markets, IMHO.

    15. Because we aren't afraid to take risks with our food.

    16. Because you don't have to wait hours (or even months) to get into popular restaurants.

    Do you think Chicago is the ultimate food city? Let us know in the comments!