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23 Delicious Chicago Eats That Are Worth Every Penny

Let's feast. (For $10 or less!)

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We recently shared a few of our favorite foods under $10 in Chicago — and then we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share theirs. Here's what they said.

1. Italian beef and cheese fries at Al's Italian Beef.

Where: Locations throughout Chicago.

Cost: Beef sandwiches are $4 to $7; cheddar fries are $3

—Maddie Mechem, Facebook

2. A scoop of goat cheese cashew caramel gelato from Black Dog Gelato.

Facebook: blackdoggelato

Where: 1955 W. Belmont Avenue | 859 N. Damen Avenue

Cost: $3 for a small

—Jillian Bowman, Facebook

3. A specialty sandwich — like the Pepito with steak, onions, and cheese — and an oatmeal shake at Irazu.

Where: 1865 N. Milwaukee Ave

Cost: Pepito is $5.95, oatmeal shake starts at $3.50

Stephanie Harrah, Facebook

4. Chili cheese curds at Antique Taco.

Chicago Foodie Girl /

Where: 1360 N. Milwaukee Ave

Cost: $8

Kirby McConkeyB

5. Specialty doughnuts — like the bacon maple Long John or the creme brûlée — at Glazed & Infused.

Cost: $2 to $ 3 each

Where: Locations throughout Chicago.


6. A half-dozen pierogis at Pierogi Heaven.

Flickr: quasarkitten

Where: 169 N Wells Street

Cost: $5.88

—Evan McMillian, Facebook

7. Italian beef sandwich and a chocolate cake shake at Portillos.

Flickr: tsaiid

Where: 100 W. Ontario Street

Cost: $5.45 for the sandwich; $3.05 for a small shake

—Chris Sparks, Facebook

8. A giant bowl of pho at Tank Noodle (Pho Xe Tang).

9. Half chicken dinner with fries from Harold's Chicken.

Flickr: sugarpants

Where: 636 S Wabash Ave. | 201 N. Clark St. | 1132 W. Wilson Ave.

Cost: $7 to $10

—Giane Arballo, Facebook

10. A slice of pie — like sugar cream or chocolate chess — Hoosier Mama Pie Company.

Where: 1618 W. Chicago Ave

Cost: $5


11. The bacon & guacamole sausage with grilled corn, cheddar, and chipotle mayo from Haute Sausage.

Chicago Foodie Girl /

Where: 335 S. Franklin Street

Cost: $10

—Mickey Phu, Facebook

12. Carne asada tacos from Taqueria Moran.

13. A slice of caramel pie from Beatrix.

Facebook: beatrixchicago

Where: 519 N. Clark Street

Cost: $7.95


14. Korean fried chicken wings at Crisp.

Flickr: edsel_

Where: 2940 N. Broadway

Cost: 5 jumbo wings are $8.95.

—Sheena Francis, Facebook

15. A stacked sub at Bari.

16. The Garrett mix — a sweet and salty mix of caramel and cheese — at Garrett Popcorn.

Where: Locations throughout Chicago.

Cost: About $5 for a small.


17. Cinnamon rolls from Ann Sather.

Flickr: lorenia

Where: 909 W. Belmont | 3415 N. Broadway | 1147 W. Granville

Cost: 2 for $3.50

Elizabeth Darwish

18. Crispy cauliflower and Parmesan tater tots at The Franklin Room.

Where: 675 N. Franklin Street

Cost: $7

—Malisa Komalarajun, Facebook

19. The Cubano or the Española and a cafe con leche at Cafecito.

Facebook: cafecitochicago

Where: 26 East Congress Parkway | 7 N. Wells Street

Cost: Sandwiches are about $6; cafe con leche is $2.29

—Cynthia Astea, Facebook

20. Savory bao at Wow Bao.

Flickr: opacity

Where: Locations throughout Chicago.

Cost: $1.75 each


21. Specialty fries — like the Sriracha buffalo chicken or the BBQ pork and mac 'n' cheese — at Frite Street.

Where: 3006 N. Elston Avenue

Cost: $3 to $8


22. The Ron Bennington cupcake — chocolate cake with peanut butter filling — at Molly's Cupcakes.

23. A personal cheese, sausage, or pepperoni deep dish at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Flickr: johnjoh

Where: Locations throughout Chicago.

Cost: $7 to $10

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