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14 Cooking Habits You Should Actually Ditch ASAP

Don't let these tiny mistakes ruin your cooking.

Everyone has cooking habits they've picked up along the way — some are great, and others are definitely not.

Here are 14 of the most common tell-tale ones that you should actually remove from your kitchen routine.

1. You cram too much food into one pan.

2. You use a nonstick pan to cook everything.

3. You stir, flip, and poke at your food too much.

4. You don't wait long enough for your pans to heat up.

5. You use pantry staples that are actually expired.

6. You cook everything in olive oil.

7. You rinse your chicken before cooking it.

8. You use metal utensils on nonstick pans.

9. You don't let your meat rest. (Or you cut it the wrong way.)

10. You pour used oil and bacon fat down the drain.

11. You open and close your oven too much.

12. You don't take care of your knives.

13. You use dry and wet measuring cups interchangeably.

14. You season your food with salt, but not acid.

Let's get cooking!

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