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    • jesseo2

      How about “he dances like a white person”? Or “you have a good job because you’re white”. Why are there specific scholarships for “minority” races but not for white people? How is that not racism? Can you imagine the fallout if a company gave out a scholarship for Caucasian people? I’m sick of everyone pinning racism on white people. EVERYONE is racist to some extent! We are all from different cultures and traditions, there are bound to be disagreements. We are instinctually programmed to have a small grudge toward another race. That’s why majority of people marry into the same race…not all, there are always exceptions, but majority do. Now watch how many people call me a white supremacist for posting this. If someone from a “minority” race posted this nobody would take offence. I’m white and proud of it why should there be any shame in that?

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