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    37 Dogs Who Are Totally Freaked Out

    Being a dog is ruff.

    1. This dog who was just betrayed by the only thing he ever loved!

    2. This dog who totally didn't see that pit of vipers.

    3. This dog who wants everyone to know that he probably tastes awful!!

    4. This dog who was only trying to be open to new experiences.

    5. This little guy who thought he heard a noise outside...

    6. This dog who reaaaaally needs you to just keep the lights on...please?

    7. This dog who needs you to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! RIGHT NOW!!

    8. This little dude who's soooooo not falling for that again!

    9. This dog who, ya know...sensed where the line was and then crossed it anyways.

    10. This dog who had no idea about gravity.

    11. This dog who absolutely does.

    12. This dog who doesn't think that woman is actually very pretty at all.


    14. This dog who knows how to pick his battles.

    15. This dog who may never trust again.

    16. This dog who's positive he just contracted a lethal case of the cooties.

    17. This dog who seriously needs you to fast-forward through this part, ok??

    18. This dog who had no idea you'd be back home so soon!

    19. This dog who's sure it's actually spelled "Satan".

    20. This dog who want's you to know he has a wife and three kids back home!

    21. This dog who's screaming on the inside.

    22. This dog who has stared straight into the fiery depths of hell.

    23. This dog who just wants to know if it's safe to come out yet?

    24. This dog who thinks we should maybe rethink this whole thing, guys...

    25. This dog who knows he's about to be eaten ALIVE!

    26. This dog who's the first victim of the zombie apocalypse!

    27. This dog who needs you to understand the end is nigh!!

    28. This dog who doesn't need to be told twice.

    29. This dog who's fleeing the jaws of certain death.

    30. This dog who doesn't trust it for even a minute!!

    31. This dog who knows exactly how this is gonna end!

    32. This dog who just needs you all to calm down! Just CALM DOWN, PEOPLE!

    33. This dog who doesn't know how this thing even got in the HOUSE???

    34. This dog who can't BELIEVE what just happened on "Game of Thrones"!!!

    35. This dog who can't look. can't look. can't look. can't look. can't look.

    36. This dog who's almost positive that thing he just saw was probably a bear!

    37. This dog who's pretty sure this is how it's ALL GONNA END!!

    But not this guy. This guy ain't scared of NOTHIN'!