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18 Stages Of Realizing You Should Totally Be Working For BuzzFeed

A cover letter told in GIFs.

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1. Your friend posts a BuzzFeed article on Facebook and you’re like

so you decide to check it out

and yeah... / Via

...all of this.

2. You start clicking on any link by BuzzFeed that shows up in your newsfeed.

because it's always

3. And then you notice BuzzFeed's suggested links

4. And get sucked into a K-hole of cute animals

5. And before you know it

(only secretly...)

6. But life moves on....

7. Or so you think...

8. You start randomly checking BuzzFeed at work...

9. ...and before you know it, your day doesn't begin until you've read ALL THE INTERNET.

10. You start recognizing some of the staff writers who post a lot

11. So you click on their profiles to check out their other posts and it's like...

12. You begin to see videos and articles online and think "this should totally be on BuzzFeed"

13. And then it is and you're all

14. Plus you see office pics like this...

and this...

...and this...??

they have PONIES???

they have PONIES???

15. And you're...

And sure, all jobs have their downsides.

But it could be worse...

way worse...

sad. sad. insane. amounts. of worse.

So in spite of Colonel Meow, you're still

16. And then you find the "Editorial Fellowship" link.

17. And suddenly

No, really!!

18. So you apply...

because you're kinda great at the internet...

and Googling is totally your thing.

But mostly because you're pretty effin'...

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