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McTeague: A Story Of San Francisco

The cover for the first edition of McTeague by Frank Norris is pretty amazing.

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Spoiler alert, this is how the novel ends:

“…Aggravated and made violent by whisky, McTeague beats [his wife] to death… Sensing pursuit, he makes his way south towards Mexico; meanwhile, Marcus hears of the murder and joins the hunt for McTeague, finally catching him in Death Valley. In the middle of the desert Marcus and McTeague fight… McTeague kills Marcus, but as he dies, Marcus handcuffs himself to McTeague. The final, dramatic image of the novel is one of McTeague stranded, alone and helpless. He is left with only the company of Marcus’s corpse, to whom he is handcuffed, in the desolate, arid waste of Death Valley.”

Y’know. Just one of those San Fran stories.

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