How To Be A Successful CEO As A Dog

Started in a kennel now look where I’m at bitches

1. This is where it all started

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

2. eDog Selfie

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

3. CEO boss life moves aka me chewing on a gold club

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

Still dropped a hole-in-one

4. Eat. Nap. Call of Duty.

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

5. Morning Stretch

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

Ok it might be the afternoon but to his his own

6. Partying in the refrigerator

Most people would say I’m pretty chill

7. Using my computer as a pillow

Daily naps are a necessity……I think I sent an email to the wrong person with this nap

8. Back when I was a box boy

0 to 100 real quick

9. Thinking about the next boss move

Talking to the team, do we add bacon Jerky, vegan jerky, jerky jerky? Guys the options are endless.

10. I nap like this sometimes because I can and I will

11. On the weekends I like to giveback

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

Totally not setup shot of me at a walk for cancer event

12. Sometimes I like to pretend I am a lion in the safari

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

13. Number Crunching

JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

I input 2+2 and got Jerky

14. Where the decisions are made


Love you all

15. Try Try and if you don’t succeed, nap. Then try again.

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JerkyXP / Via Twitter: @JackTheCEO

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