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    • jeremys53

      Wow, I knew about a lot of these, but some of them blew my mind. I knew some Like About Softcell being covered by Manson, but didn’t know they were doing a cover as well. And when we used to play a garage version of Hey Joe by Hendrix, one guy kept trying to speed it up, he said it was because he knew the original by some English band called the something or other Five. Now I know it was actually the Leaves. Sometimes the covers are far better than the originals, Like with Hey Joe, Torn, and Girls wanna have fun. Quiet Riot’s biggest hit was Feel the Noize, but with the exception of better distortion effects and mixing styles of the times, it’s almost no different from Slade’s version. And I it really says something that Aretha was able to overshadow Otis with Respect. Thanks for showing some light on cool music history.

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