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    A Group Of People Tried Journaling Every Day For A Month And It Got A Little Too Introspective

    "Journaling should be used as a sketchpad for your ideas and thoughts. A place to let your mind wander."

    A group of us was asked to commit to writing in a journal 10 minutes every day for a month and this is how we did:

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    Before beginning the experiment, Colin just wanted some clarity on how much of his private thoughts would be shared with THE INTERNET.

    Two of us had kept journals before...

    But the other two? Not so much.

    As the weeks wore on, some people had writers block.

    While I was writing a little too much.

    At least my cat was really enjoying the journal.

    Meanwhile, Hillary found the difference between journaling and social media to be quite interesting.

    Each of us found our own way to journal and get inspired.

    Also, just, like, keeping a journal is a great way to write down your dreams about Tina Fey.

    But Hillary had to admit it just wasn't for her.

    By the end, Jamie also realized that maybe it's not her thing.

    And Colin felt that he got the most out of it when he kept it silly.

    But I'm all in. And so is my cat.