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Tell Me Your Worst Nightmare, And I Will Use AI To Bring It To Life

This might be a terrifying experiment on DALL·E mini.

What is DALL·E mini? It's an AI model that creates nine generated images based on whatever prompt you key into it.

Of course, as a horror writer, I see this as a chance to create some quality nightmare fuel. I want to know your scariest childhood nightmares (in great detail); then I will carefully craft a prompt to bring your nightmare into the real world.

A ghost at the end of a hallway

Maybe, like me, you had a dream when you were a kid where the Evil Witch from Snow White revealed she had a large mouth on her back with sharp fangs. This is the horrors DALL·E produced:

Nine AI generated photos of witch-like images

Or maybe it's like that one time I had a dream where a headless man in a suit chased me down a hallway. DALL·E mini didn't disappoint:

Nine AI images of a headless man in a suit running down a hall

Perhaps you had one that involved an invisible monster pulling your hand apart, like I did. DALL·E mini gives results that feel like a fever dream:

Nine AI-generated images of distorted hands

Hell, maybe you had a nightmare about a demonic Shrek coming to steal you in your sleep! This AI model can make it happen:

Nine AI generated images of Shrek looking demonic

Whatever it is, I NEED to know about your worst childhood nightmare. Describe your nightmare in the comments, and your suggestion may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!