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    Ranking All 32 NFL Teams Solely On Their Uniforms

    From their helmets to their cleats.

    With the 2021-22 season on the horizon, it is only right that we rank all 32 NFL teams by uniform — that's helmet, logo, jersey, pants, and socks.

    Important to note: There really aren't any "bad" uniforms on this list.

    Here are the results:

    32. Houston Texans

    Texans white uniform with blue helmets and red lettering
    Patrick Mcdermott / Getty Images

    The Texans earn the bottom spot simply for a desperate need of a revamp. I'd keep the helmet but find a way to better the uniform and pants while not making it too much like the Patriots.

    31. Atlanta Falcons

    Falcons black uniforms with black helmet and white pants
    Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

    Not a fan at all of the rebranding of the jerseys. I'm "anti-shadow numbers" for all uniforms, so this is no exception. That being said, there is still potential there, and I think they should consider reverting to their old falcon logo or a new reiteration of it.

    30. Detroit Lions

    Silver and blue Lion uniforms with silver helmets
    Leon Halip / Getty Images

    Not totally in love with the gray numbers, but the pants and pant stripe are great. The "Lions" lettering the shoulder is very unique too.

    29. New York Jets

    Jets white uniforms with green lettering and helmet
    Dustin Satloff / Getty Images

    I actually don't mind this new design at all. The only nitpick is maybe making the helmet a lighter shade, because under the lights, it is almost too dark.

    28. Buffalo Bills

    Bills white jersey and white helmet with blue lettering
    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    A very classic look to these. The white helmet really pops, especially with the road uniforms. Their blue home jerseys held them back a little on this list.

    27. Carolina Panthers

    Panthers blue jersey and silver helmet
    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

    Love the color and it looks really good on the football field. They should steer away from the black jerseys, because their blues are very underrated.

    26. Cleveland Browns

    Browns uniforms brown jersey with orange helmet and white lettering
    Jason Miller / Getty Images

    By far...BY FAR the best iteration of the Browns uniforms...ever. I always hated them not evolving their brand as a kid, but I feel like these are new and fresh while still staying true to the classics.

    25. Chicago Bears

    Blue Bears uniforms with white lettering and orange outling
    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    Can't go wrong with these classics. The best feature is the signature orange outlining on the numbers.

    24. Tennessee Titans (6,7,6,7,5=31)

    Titans white jersey and blue helmets
    Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

    The change from a white helmet to a blue helmet was a big-time upgrade. The road uniforms really make the helmet pop.

    23. Philadelphia Eagles

    Eagles green uniforms and green helmet
    Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

    Some of the best helmets in the league, but they could definitely use a minor update/tweak for this century.

    22. Washington Football Team

    Burgundy and gold WFT uniforms
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    Solid color scheme, and I like the classic look of the uniform. That being said, I think it'd be cool for them to have the "W" Washington Football Team logo on both sides of the helmet instead of numbers.

    21. Arizona Cardinals

    Red and white Cardinals uniforms
    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    Very simple uniforms, but they always look good on the field. If they were to change anything, they could maybe modernize the patterns on the shoulders and pants. It's hard to go wrong with red on a football jersey.

    20. New Orleans Saints

    Black and gold Saints uniforms
    Chris Graythen / Getty Images

    One of the few uniforms in the NFL that I don't mind that the home jersey and home pants match. The all black looks good and really puts a focus on the helmet and the fleur-de-lis logo.

    19. Minnesota Vikings

    Purple Viking uniforms
    Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

    I like their uniforms. They're very purple-y. This is a team with a great identity, from the numbers to the logo. Even the font of the player names are distinct.

    18. Seattle Seahawks

    Blue and teal Seahawks uniforms
    Abbie Parr / Getty Images

    Ever since the Seahawks switched to these uniforms, they have found ways to win. The patterns on the number and around the shoulders are very original.

    17. New England Patriots

    Patriots uniforms, silver helmets, blue jerseys, and white lettering
    Billie Weiss / Getty Images

    I'm a Patriots fan, but I can't allow them to go past this spot until they change their pant color. Their pants should be white or silver, because the all blue from neck to legs looks awful. The new jersey alone has potential, but the overall combination isn't working.

    16. New York Giants

    Giants white jerseys, red lettering, and blue helmet
    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Some of the best road uniforms in the league. The red really pops on the white, and it is a bold color choice since their helmet is blue; most teams would've made the numbers blue. Their road uniforms alone lifted them to the top half of the list.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs

    Red Chiefs uniforms with white lettering and pants
    Jamie Squire / Getty Images

    This may be the best red helmet in football. The white face mask really pops with the red helmet. The white pants with the home jersey work because of the bright white face mask.

    14. Baltimore Ravens

    Ravens white jerseys with purple lettering and black helmets
    Bryan M. Bennett / Getty Images

    I feel like a lot of teams have room to alter their uniforms, but the Ravens identity feels pretty set for a newer team. One of the few teams with "shadow numbers" that look really good, and their helmet logo is a good balance between modern and traditional.

    13. Denver Broncos

    Broncos uniform with blue helmet and orange jersey
    Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

    It might be unpopular among Denver Bronco fans, but I prefer these over the old-school "purple crush" style. The helmet rocks, and the line down the center of the helmet is one of the most original ever in football.

    12. Miami Dolphins

    Dolphins white helmets and teal jersey
    Michael Reaves / Getty Images

    An example of a newer iteration of a uniform being worse than the originals, BUT these are still very good. Something about the all-white road-jersey-pants combo and the color of the home jerseys are all very unique to watch on Sundays.

    11. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jaguars teal and black uniforms
    Julio Aguilar / Getty Images

    Another upgrade from their weird half-colored helmets. The numbers are simple and pop with any color. Less is more.

    10. Los Angeles Rams

    Blue and gold Rams uniforms
    Harry How / Getty Images

    Not as good as the original LA Rams uniforms, but still a solid color combo that really pops. Plus, that horn logo on the helmet is one of the best. These should be higher, but I'm not in love with the road uniforms or the rebrand as a whole.

    9. Green Bay Packers

    Packers uniforms, yellow helmets and green jerseys
    Stacy Revere / Getty Images

    Maybe the best example that just having white pants with your home uniform can be boring. These uniforms really pop because of the yellow pants, green jersey, and yellow helmet. A matching helmet-pants combo, I think, makes the perfect home uniform.

    8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Black and red Buccaneer uniforms
    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    Good thing we never had to see Tom Brady in those awful 2010s Buccaneer jerseys. A common theme on this list: Less is more. These are simple, but I like keeping the larger logo on the helmet, so it is a nice mix of new and old school.

    7. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Black and gold Steelers uniforms
    Joe Sargent / Getty Images

    Easily could be higher. Black and yellow is one of the best color combinations in sports, and these classics might be the best black and yellow uniforms in sports (although the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Iowa Hawkeyes are all in the conversation).

    6. Cincinnati Bengals

    Bengals black and orange uniforms
    Douglas P. Defelice / Getty Images

    I gave the Bengals' new-look uniforms an edge over a lot of teams that could be in this spot. Minimalism can be key to a great jersey, and these are the best Cincinnati has ever had.

    5. Indianapolis Colts

    White and blue Colts uniform
    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    The all-whites are great, and the blue really pops. Less is always more in my opinion, and these are almost the NFL equivalent to Penn State's uniforms in college football.

    4. Las Vegas Raiders

    Black and silver Raiders uniforms
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    It's important to note: The top four on this list were all graded with perfect scores. So these are all the elite of NFL uniforms for this season.

    Black and silver never looked cooler. The Raider uniforms are one of the few on this list that can never and should never be altered.

    3. Dallas Cowboys

    Silver and blue Cowboys uniforms
    Hannah Foslien / Getty Images

    America's team has some of the best, but I'm not a huge fan of their blue jerseys, and that's what held them back in the end. If this were a lone uniform list, home and away, the classic white home jerseys probably would have topped this list...maybe.

    2. Los Angeles Chargers

    Baby blue Chargers uniforms with white helmets
    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    I love these uniforms, and the only baby-sized critique I have are about the numbers on the helmet. I think it takes away from the lightning bolt logo. That aside, these are gorgeous.

    1. San Francisco 49ers

    Red and bronze 49ers uniforms
    Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    The best. Head to toe the greatest overall in the NFL for this season. The real competition is between their home and away uniforms, because they are both electric. Like I said earlier, the top four are all the cream of the crop, but these stand out as some of the best in sports.

    Which team do you think has the best uniform heading into the season? Comment below!