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    Here's A Ranking Of All The Ninjas In "Mortal Kombat"

    Get over here!

    Mortal Kombat is the ultimate fighting game, and in honor of the new film, it's time to rank every ninja in MK history. ONLY the ninjas. Sorry, Liu Kang.

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    ***The following characters on this list are labeled as "ninjas" according to the Mortal Kombat Wiki***

    20. Takeda Takahashi

    Takeda Takahashi in the snow
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Kenshi's son. I feel bad because his character was so short-lived, and I honestly wouldn't have even remembered he was technically a ninja.

    19. Chameleon

    Chameleon posing on loading screen
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    One of the silliest characters in MK history. His techno-looking flashiness is funny to look at, but I never liked the character. At least it was a one-time thing...

    18. Khameleon

    Khameleon posing on loading screen
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


    17. Smoke

    Smoke posing in silver armor
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Smoke is no Noob...and that isn't a compliment. There's character growth and then there is character re-hashing. No consistency with this character's looks and it lands him closer to the bottom of the ninja list.

    16. Tremor

    Tremor with rock-arms
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    I was never a Tremor guy, and maybe it is because of the design. Then again, I was never huge into Kano, and this ninja loves himself some Kano.

    15. Tanya

    Tanya with glowing eyes
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    One of the few mask-less ninjas on this list, and those eyes are pretty badass.

    That being said, there is not a ton about the character that stands out, and in a fighting game, it would help to have a consistent weapon or power that is noteworthy.

    14. Triborg

    Triborg's smoking body
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Do you like playing as Sektor, but wish you had Cyrax at the same time? Well, now you can!

    I can't make fun too much, Triborg is fun to play, but as far as creativity, this does not score too high.

    13. Sektor

    Sektor in red gear
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    I guess cyber-ninjas count, too, huh?

    Sektor and the other cyborgs are like the Buzz Lightyear in a world of Woodys and they have that new toy smell (that's a thing, right?). A cyber character really stands out, but I never understood the need to have more than two.

    12. Rain

    Rain bending water
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Purple...Rain...and a prince.

    The purple rain prince is solid but was without a doubt well behind the other iconic ninjas in the series.

    11. Frost

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Sub-Zero...but a little more frosty.

    As Sub-Zero's apprentice, it is tough to step out from behind Sub-Zero's icy shadow.

    10. Reptile

    Reptile wearing a silver mask
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Let's just say the green ninja from Mortal Kombat has gone through quite the transformation. An original hidden character, Reptile has never really grown beyond being a minion for baddies.

    9. Jade

    Jade holding her staff
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    In MK, you need to stand out, and Jade's Bojutsu (staff) always did that. She's always kind of "third-wheeled" behind Kitana and Mileena, but she is still a pretty awesome ninja.

    8. Cyrax

    Cyrax in yellow gear
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Cyrax obviously gets a robotic leg up on Sektor simply because his story is a little better. It helps to have a softer side as a killer cyborg ninja.

    7. Skarlet

    Skarlet holding a dagger
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    Yikes, I don't think Skarlet could ever be in a PG-13 interpretation of MK.

    Sub-Zero's ice and Scorpion's fire seem tame by comparison to her bloody potential. She's a ninja that uses Blood Magik, and of all the characters, I'd love to see her story get more fleshed out in the game's long run.

    6. Ermac

    Ermac in a black and red hood
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    The glitch. This red ninja has had quite the journey but is easily a dark horse favorite among fans. The design is always pretty cool and the powers can be off-the-charts in the hands of a worthy gamer.

    5. Mileena

    Mileena smiling
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    "Just look at that smile," spoken with Mickey Mouse's voice.

    I see Mileena and I think of her famous daggers (Sai). From her grotesque teeth and tongue to her animalistic brutality, she always brings a wildness to MK.

    4. Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero in black and blue
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    The coldest player in the game. No? Okay.

    Whether it is Kuai Liang or Bi-Han, Sub-Zero has always had a rich history in the MK series. There can be no hating the original blue ninja.

    3. Kitana

    Kitana holding a fan-blade
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    This is Kitana! Not to be mixed up with Katana from Suicide Squad, Kitana has thousands of years under her belt to master her skills. Her iconic steel fans are phenomenal and easily make her one of the most recognizable ninjas in the game.

    2. Noob Saibot

    Noob Saibot wearing his classic all-black ninja attire
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    It's the reincarnation of everything evil in Bi-Han's soul...what's not to love?

    From the character design, story, and abilities, Noob continues to be the perfect fighter to troll your friends with.

    1. Scorpion

    Scorpion with a chain and flaming fist
    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    The O.G. ninja of the MK series. Scorpion checks off every box for a character you want. The use of a Japanese kunai tied to a chain (or rope) makes it one of the most iconic weapons in gaming.

    Which ninja is your favorite from the Mortal Kombat series? Should I be sent to the Netherrealm for placing Sub-Zero fourth? Comment below!

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