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    The NFL Draft, But Only Fictional Football Players

    Who goes #1? Who falls down the board?

    What if the NFL Draft was done with only movie and TV characters? I'm glad I asked!

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces draft pick

    Here's the 2022 NFL entertainment draft:

    NOTE: Although some characters are based on real people, the point of the list is the on-screen characters. AND, for the sake of each team having a pick, all traded picks have been reverted to their original owners. Just have fun with it!

    1. With the first pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Rod Tidwell, WR, Arizona State (Jerry Maguire).

    Rod Tidwell points at the camera

    2. With the second pick, the Detroit Lions select Willie Beamen, QB, University of Houston (Any Given Sunday).

    3. With the third pick, the Houston Texans select Shane Falco, QB, Ohio State (The Replacements).

    Shane Falco smiles

    4. With the fourth pick, the New York Jets select Smash Williams, RB, Dillon High School (Friday Night Lights).

    Smash Williams runs and scores a touchdown

    5. With the fifth pick, the New York Giants select Bobby Boucher, Edge, South Central Louisiana State (The Waterboy).

    Bobby Boucher in a brown helmet

    6. With the sixth pick, the Carolina Panthers select Vince Howard, QB, East Dillon High School (Friday Night Lights).

    Vince Howard stares at his coach

    7. With the seventh pick, the Chicago Bears select Vontae Mack, Edge, Ohio State (Draft Day).

    Vontae Mack yells at a referee

    8. With the eighth pick, the Atlanta Falcons select Bo Callahan, QB, University of Wisconsin (Draft Day).

    Bo celebrates touchdown on his butt

    9. With the ninth pick, the Denver Broncos select Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass, QB, T.C. Williams High School (Remember the Titans).

    Sunshine on the sideline without a helmet

    10. With the tenth pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Phillip Finch, DL, Central High School (Wildcats).

    Phillip Finch smiles

    11. With the eleventh pick, the Washington Commanders select Forrest Gump, KR, Alabama (Forrest Gump).

    Forrest Gump running with the football

    12. With the twelfth pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Julius Campbell, Edge, T.C. Williams High School (Remember the Titans)

    Julius Campbell in a locker room

    13. With the thirteenth pick, the Cleveland Browns select Ray Jennings, RB, FSU (Draft Day).

    A split screen of Ray Jennings running in an FSU uniform and him on the phone

    14. With the fourteenth pick, the Baltimore Ravens select Petey Williams, ATH, T.C. Williams High School (Remember the Titans).

    Petey Williams in a white helmet

    15. With the fifteenth pick, the Miami Dolphins select Jason Street, QB, Dillon High School (Friday Night Lights).

    Jason Street in football pads

    16. With the sixteenth pick, the Indianapolis Colts select Paul Crewe (2005 version), QB, New Mexico State...Penitentiary (The Longest Yard).

    Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) in a black football uniform

    17. With the seventieth pick, the Los Angeles Chargers select Paul Crewe (1974 version), QB, Mean Machines (The Longest Yard).

    Paul Crewe (Burt Reynolds) in a black football uniform

    18. With the eighteenth pick, the New Orleans Saints select Louie Lastik, OL, T.C. Williams High School (Remember the Titans).

    Louie Lastik talks to his coach

    19. With the nineteenth pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select Tim Riggins, RB, Dillon High School (Friday Night Lights).

    Tim Riggins being interviewed

    20. With the twentieth pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Stefan Djordjevic, CB, Ampipe (All the Right Moves).

    Stef (Tom Cruise) in a yellow football jersey

    21. With the twenty-first pick, the New England Patriots select Buddy, WR, Timberwolves (Airbud: Golden Receiver).

    Golden retriever in a football uniform and helmet

    22. With the twenty-second pick, the Las Vegas Raiders select Brock Kelley, DL, Shiloh Christian Academy (Facing the Giants)

    Brock Kelley at football practice

    23. With the twenty-third pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger, Specialist, (Rudy).

    Rudy is carried off of the field

    24. With the twenty-fourth pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Joe Kingman, QB, Boston Rebels (The Game Plan).

    Joe Kingman sadly sits in the locker room

    25. With the twenty-fifth pick, the Buffalo Bills select Ray Finkle, Kicker, Stetson University (Ace Ventura).

    Ray Finkle in a team photo

    26. With the twenty-sixth pick, the Tennessee Titans select Levander "Bird" Williams, QB, Central High School (Wildcats).

    Bird Williams taking a snap under center

    27. With the twenty-seventh pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Uncle Rico, QB, Unknown (Napoleon Dynamite).

    Uncle Rico sits on a stoop

    28. With the twenty-eighth pick, the Green Bay Packers select Matt Saracen, QB, Dillon High School (Friday Night Lights).

    Matt Saracen in the locker room

    29. With the twenty-ninth pick, the San Francisco 49ers select Gerry Bertier, DL, T.C. Williams High School (Remember the Titans).

    Gerry at training camp

    30. With the thirtieth pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select Becky "The Icebox" O'Shea, FB, Pee Wee Football. (Little Giants)

    Becky puts on two black lines under her cheek

    31. With the thirty-first pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Spencer James, WR, Beverly Hills High (All American).

    Spencer wears Beats around his neck

    32. With the thirty-second pick, the Los Angeles Rams select Kurt Warner, QB, UNI (American Underdog).

    Kurt Warner points to the sky

    Who would you draft for your team? Who was snubbed Comment below!