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    Marshawn Lynch Swears On ESPN And The Reason Why Is Hilarious

    *whistles blow* "What the -expletive-?"

    This NFL football season, ESPN decided to give Hall-of-Famer Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning a "Monday Night Football" watch-along show called Peyton & Eli.

    Peyton and Eli Manning watch and discuss Monday Night Football

    For the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints MNF game, Peyton and Eli welcomed guest and Seahawk legend Marshawn Lynch.

    Marshawn Lynch in a Seahawks beanie and jacket

    As the clock ran out in the first quarter, no one was more surprised than Marshawn Lynch, who let out an uncensored, gut on ESPN2.

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    "Protect that ball. Protect it." *referee blows the whistle to end the quarter* "What the f*ck?"

    I'm sure ESPN was unhappy with it, but Marshawn is always gonna be Marshawn. The man just knows how to have a good time.

    Marshawn Lynch just logged onto national television with a sideways camera, while eating a snack, said "what's up big dogs" and then told them he took three shots of Hennessy before the game. Beast Mode is a national treasure

    Twitter: @WillBrinson

    If you are unfamiliar with Beast Mode, you might know him for this famous run that caused an earthquake (beast-quake) in Seattle.

    You might also recall his famous catchphrase for the press: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

    I preferred his underrated line when asked why he doesn't like press conferences:

    That same week, people unfamiliar with Marshawn got a good look at him having a blast while gaming on Conan with Rob Gronkowski and Conan O'Brien. (A+ content)

    Here's Marshawn diving into a pool of Skittles because he is his own spirit animal.

    For context, he has an unapologetic love for Skittles. He'd eat them during games, and fans even threw handfuls at him after touchdowns.

    After cursing on ESPN2, the Mannings had to apologize on behalf of Marshawn, but I'm sure no one is mad. How can you stay mad at this man?

    Does Marshawn need his own sportscast? I think so. Comment below!