6 Things I'm Excited For In "The Book Of Boba Fett," And 6 Things I Dread

    What if this show doesn't survive? It's worth a lot to me.

    The wonderful universe of Star Wars returns December 29th with The Book of Boba Fett landing on Disney Plus!

    Boba Fett puts his helmet on

    Here are six things that can make The Book of Boba Fett compelling and six things that will make it just another spinoff:

    1. MAKE: A complicated relationship between Fennec Shand and Boba Fett.

    Boba Fett on the throne with Fennec Shand whispering to him

    2. BREAK: Fennec Shand is simply "along for the ride."

    Fennec Shand leans against a wall with a long-range blaster

    3. MAKE: Temuera Morrison is allowed to shine as a main character.

    Boba Fett without his helmet and a cup in his hand

    4. BREAK: Morrison's (predictable) surprise role as another "clone" character!

    Boba Fett in some kind of recovery tank

    5. MAKE: The legendary bounty hunter's full skillset is showcased like never before.

    Boba Fett lifts a club over his head

    6. BREAK: Relying too much on the familiar.

    Boba Fett and Shand look down into the Rancor pit

    7. MAKE: A new antagonist unlike anything we've seen before.

    Aliens at a dinner table with Boba Fett

    8. BREAK: Jabba's unspoken son or relative.

    9. MAKE: Sticking to a show about the underworld as promoted for the original The Mandalorian teasers.

    Boba Fett at a table with other villainous characters

    10. BREAK: Lightsabers! The Force! Nostalgia!

    11. MAKE: Some "Star Wars-ing" in my Star Wars.

    "Slave I" ship flying at sunset

    12. BREAK: Feeling like nothing more than a Mando spinoff.

    Boba Fett alongside Fennec Shand

    What do you hope to see in The Book of Boba Fett? Let me know in the comments below!