Here's The Best Horror Movie That's Set In Your State

    Take a road trip with me to see all the best sights and scares across the United States.

    Spooky road trip! Let's take a tour across America and find each state's best horror film!

    1. Alabama: Body Snatchers

    Woman in a tub covered in odd vines

    2. Alaska: 30 Days of Night

    3. Arizona: Creepshow 2 ("The Raft")

    A skeleton covered in muck

    4. Arkansas: The Legend of Boggy Creek

    A monster stalks a hunter in the woods

    5. California: Psycho

    Shadow of a woman with a knife

    6. Colorado: The Shining

    7. Connecticut: Thinner

    A man smiles

    8. Delaware: Head Case

    Man with glasses speaks to camera

    9. Florida: Jeepers Creepers

    10. Georgia: Deliverance

    Kid plays the banjo

    11. Hawaii: A Perfect Getaway

    Blonde woman looks angry

    12. Idaho: Idaho Transfer

    Woman crawls out of a hole with a screwdriver clenched in her teeth

    13. Illinois: Halloween

    14. Indiana: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer

    Abe Lincoln with an ax

    15. Iowa: The Crazies

    16. Kansas: Critters

    17. Kentucky: Return of the Living Dead

    A decayed body smiles

    18. Louisiana: The Last Exorcism

    Man sits in hay hugging a possessed girl

    19. Maine: Pet Sematary

    Creepy woman on bed

    20. Maryland: The Blair Witch Project

    Flashlight-illuminated woman cries in the darkness

    21. Massachusetts: Session 9

    Creepy hallway with a wheelchair

    22. Michigan: It Follows

    23. Minnesota: Jennifer's Body

    Woman on the phone holds a lighter to her tongue

    24. Mississippi: Straw Dogs (2011)

    Man in a doorway looks at a woman

    25. Missouri: You're Next

    Man in an animal mask holds a machete

    26. Montana: Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

    Home video of frightened family screaming

    27. Nebraska: Children of the Corn

    28. Nevada: The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

    Deformed man grimaces

    29. New Hampshire: The Dead Zone

    Christopher Walken outside in the cold wearing a jacket

    30. New Jersey: Friday the 13th

    A woman is passed out in a canoe on the lake

    31. New Mexico: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

    Dirty hand touches a woman's face

    32. New York: Jaws

    Man reaches for boat while shark bites him underwater

    33. North Carolina: The Descent

    34. North Dakota: Leprechaun

    A man places a four-leaf clover on a box

    35. Ohio: Trick 'r Treat

    36. Oklahoma: Near Dark

    Man in sunglasses smiles while mouth is covered in blood

    37. Oregon: Phantasm

    White-haired man in a suit

    38. Pennsylvania: Sinister

    39. Rhode Island: The Conjuring

    Woman looks behind her, frightened

    40. South Carolina: Slither

    Red slug slithers into a bath and near an unaware bathing woman

    41. South Dakota: Beast from Haunted Cave

    Hairy monster in a cave

    42. Tennessee: The Evil Dead (1981)

    43. Texas: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

    44. Utah: Carnival of Souls

    Man in black and black eye shadow

    45. Vermont: What Lies Beneath

    Woman eye-deep in a tub

    46. Virginia: Mama

    47. Washington: The Ring

    48. West Virginia: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

    Man laughs nervously while holding a sickle

    49. Wisconsin: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    Man holds up sign with the words "So what's the bad news?"

    50. Wyoming: Joy Ride

    Truck drives into another car

    Washington D.C.: The Exorcist (1973)

    What movie represented your state? Do you agree with all the state-movie pairings? Comment below!