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19 Discontinued Olympic Events I Can't Believe Actually Used To Exist

In the tug of war with the Olympics, tug of war lost.

1. Croquet

Croquet mallet and balls

2. Polo

Polo player hitting a ball while on a horse

3. Rackets

Two men playing squash

4. Lacrosse

One lacrosse player chasing another

5. Motor Boating

Man racing on a motor-boat

6. Tug of War

Two teams playing tug of war

7. Cricket

Cricket player swinging

8. Basque Pelota

Three men playing Pelota

9. Roque

Two men playing on Roque platform

10. Jeu de Paume

Jeu de Paume

11. Cannon Shooting

Old cannon

12. Ballooning

Hot-air balloons over the mountain range

13. American Football

Football players in leather helmets

14. Art Competitions

Woman painting a mural on a wall

15. Kite Flying

Woman flying a kite

16. Pigeon Racing

Pigeons flying

17. Gliding

Man gliding during the sunset

18. Firefighting

Firefighters hosing down a fire

19. Korfball

Korfball players shooting ball into basket

Which sports would you like to see make a comeback? Comment below!