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37 Olympic Sports Oversimplified For Anyone To Understand

"It's like soccer, but with your hands."

The Summer Games are here...again. The 2020 Olympics are now the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, and here are all the games you need to know.

Stick figures performing Olympic sports

1. Archery

2. Athletics

Track runners breaking out from the starting line

3. Baseball

Baseball player holds a bat ready to swing

4. Softball

Softball player winding up pitch

5. Basketball

LeBron James dunks basketball in USA jersey

6. 3x3 Basketball

Men practicing basketball

7. Boxing

Two men boxing

8. Canoeing

Man canoeing in white waters

9. Cycling

Man cycling

10. Equestrian

Horse leaps over hurdle with jockey on their back

11. Fencing

Two people fencing with thin swords

12. Field Hockey

Woman shooting goal in field hockey

13. Soccer (Footie)

Soccer player tackling another player for the ball

14. Golf

Man swings golf club in front of Rio 2016 sign

15. Gymnastics

Simone Biles on jumping on beam

16. Handball

Man throwing ball during handball game

17. Judo

Judo takedown

18. Karate

Woman practicing karate

19. Modern Pentathlon

Runners shooting pistols

20. Rowing

Four women rowing

21. Rugby Sevens

Rugby player diving for a try

22. Sailing

Sailing board splashing in the water

23. Shooting

Row of men shooting at targets

24. Skateboarding

Skate park at the Tokyo Olympics

25. Sport Climbing

Two women scaling climbing wall

26. Surfing

Surfer riding waves and a mountain in the backdrop

27. Table Tennis

Two men playing table tennis

28. Tae Kwon Do

29. Tennis

Man serving in tennis game

30. Triathlon

Swimmer crying as she runs across finish line

31. Volleyball

Volleyball player making a diving save

32. Beach Volleyball

Woman serves beach volleyball

33. Weightlifting

Man lifts weights

34. Artistic Swimming

Two people swimming

35. Diving

Two men diving backward and head first

36. Swimming

Swimmers dive into their respective lanes

37. Water Polo

Water polo player throws ball

Which game are you looking forward to this summer? Comment below!