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      1. Four syllables is too many. 2. I’m jealous that I can’t grow a beard. I’m indifferent to horses. 3. It’s usually to show my not-white friends why they can’t complain about not being “tan.” 4. Good cheese is a meal in itself. 5. It’s easy to get lost digging through boxes of childhood memories. 6. I can’t remember the last time I was at the sand dunes. 7. They’re only one of the widest internationally known music groups ever. 8. Camping happens in the woods. 9. Have you had a pumpkin latte? Or pumpkin beer? 10. When else can you throw objects at your friends’ faces and it be okay? 11. I wouldn’t say I like Drake that much. 12. Chick peas are delicious. 13. Screw sharks. Bring on the bears. 14. Those are the only seven people that like it. 15. Everyone was into those Kanye West slat things for a while too. 16. You have to have an outlet for fear otherwise it can transform and become something far worse. Stephen King wrote a great article about it. 17. That cold air between your toes, though. 18. Grocery shopping. 19. I just like to cuddle. 20. Go try some Nutella. 21. My dog doesn’t lick. 22. 5k + paint = less shitty running 23. If you film it and pitch it to television execs you can make a lot of money. 24. GUAC! 25. Christmas is one of the few times out of the year I get to see my family. 26. A white rapper did something that everyone knew. 27. Cold glue makes the consistency of your poop funny? 28. Come on! The Olsen twins were adorable! 29. My dog is better than yours. 30. Dr. Phil-tpyes think spanking is a bad idea. 31. I will drink out of just about anything that doesn’t leak. 32. The beach is the coolest way to get less white.  33. We can’t dance any other way. 34. I blame Paul Teutul, Sr. 35. Bread is a better meal than cheese. 36. You can easily change the lyrics to “turn down for butts.” 37. Beer and food are good on their own so together they must be what Homer wrote his epics about. 38. Have a good whatever you’re doing. 39. Dr. Phil-types think spanking is a bad idea. 40. “Jiminy Christmas” or “son of a biscuit” or “gee willickers”

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