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    • jeremye11

      It’s interesting how someone can make something important to someone, and make it so convoluted that it warps the entire sincerity of the original idea.
      YesIagree, it was weird to dress up as mrs. Doubtfire. But as father who wanted to SPEND Time with his kids, well it shows us that if you were as committed as he became, then. Most if North America would have better fathers too. He wasn’t try to kill, harass, or kidnap anyone, he wanted to spend time with his kids and yes, he took it to another level, but kudos for the creativity. Secondly, his ex wife started dating sooo immediately that, ifIwere weed,Iwould be overly concerned Anout the potential of her having an affair prior to the separation wasapossible idea. No? Mrs. Doubtfire didalot of weird shit, but this wasakids movie to teach not only children about certain principles,but also to parents or father figures who don’t spend time with their kids and they make itapoint in the movie. We can asily lose the ones we love, so take advantage every possible moment, even ifuhave to dress up asa70 year old nanny who has odd social skills and even more odd but funny improper-isms. It’sakids movie, notanightmare orahaunted tale of stalkery and murder. You want to seeamovie about stalking, go watch FEAR with mark whalberg. Then write something worth reading.

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