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21 Reasons You'd Be Better Off In Slytherin

Is there really any contest?

1. The guiding trait of Slytherin is ambition, which is the defining trait of success.

2. And this is without a doubt true, as Slytherin has won two out of three Pottermore House Cups.

3. Slytherins are encouraged to be free spirited and bend the rules.

4. But they always know when to change their tune to save their own lives.

5. It has the cutest members.

6. And the most incredible professors.

7. Obviously the house colors are massively alluring.

8. Speaking of style, Salazar Slytherin left behind some blinged out heirlooms.

9. And have you seen their crest? Pure bad ass.

10. The house animal, a giant serpent, is not something to mess around with.

11. Not to mention that some Slytherins can even be Parseltongues.

12. And although Voldemort was pretty much pure evil...

You still have to respect the caliber of wizards that Slytherin manages to produce.

13. Even Merlin was a member of House Slytherin.

14. You get to make the best house based puns.

15. Slytherins are natural politicians, so obviously you'd have fun making slogans.

16. Being in Slytherin opens the door to some very powerful, and wealthy, connections.

17. And Slytherins are great at staying cool, calm, and collected.

18. Plus, Slytherins are so stylish.

19. The fact that Salazar Slytherin was able to hide a basilisk within Hogwarts for a thousand years points to Slytherin ingenuity.

20. The Bloody Baron has one of the most intriguing back stories.

21. And all Slytherins are basically honorary members of Draco and the Malfoys.

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But in the end, it doesn't really matter what house you belong to...

Because obviously, no matter what, being a wizard or witch would have been awesome.