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    11 Beautiful Works Of Street Art With Powerful Messages

    Plastic Jesus seeks to inspire and change the world through art.

    Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles based street artist who is inspired by world events and cultural news. Many of his works have gone viral, and he hopes to inspire a change in the world through his work.

    You can find his complete work at his website.

    1. "Trayvon Martin Inspired"

    2. "R.I.P. 11,428"

    Location: Was outside Urban Outfitters on Melrose Avenue

    3. "American Excess"

    4. "Credit Trap"

    5. "Toxic Hazard"

    6. "Man of Steel"

    7. "Caution Fiscal Cliff"

    8. "False Idols"

    9. "I Want To Be a Celebrity"

    10. "Stop Making Stupid People Famous (pt 3)"

    11. "We Come in Peace"