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    23 Famous Authors' Last Words

    Authors spend their lives expressing life's intricacies. Their last words capture this elegance.

    1. Aldous Huxley

    Aldous Huxley requested his wife to give him an injection of LSD right before death, so he could pass away in a state of mind of his own choosing.

    2. Voltaire

    Voltaire's final words in response to a priest asking him to renounce Satan.

    3. Hunter S. Thompson

    MDCarchives / Via

    The final words in his suicide note, before shooting himself in the head.

    4. J.M. Barrie

    Before his death, Barrie gave the rights to Peter Pan to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. They continue to benefit from royalties.

    5. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Goethe had discussed optical phenomenon with his daughter-in-law the night before his death.

    6. Jane Austen

    Portrait Gallery of the Perry–Castañeda Library / Via

    When asked by her sister what she wanted, this was Jane Austen's response.

    7. Edgar Allan Poe

    Poe's death is a mystery, with still no clear idea of what actually transpired in his last few days.

    8. Anton Chekhov

    On his death bed, Chekhov requested morphine and champagne from his doctor right before he passed away.

    9. Leo Tolstoy

    http://F.W. Taylor / Via

    Tolstoy, in his final days, fled his mansion and tried to live amongst the people.

    10. Henry David Thoreau

    It is unknown what exactly Thoreau was referencing with his final words.

    11. James Joyce

    C. Ruf / Via

    James Joyce died of a failed surgery, in the presence of his wife and son.

    12. W.C. Fields

    Bain News Service / Via

    Carlotta was Fields' mistress, and also the person present for his final words.

    13. Emily Dickinson

    William C. North / Via

    Emily Dickinson experienced blackouts and was confined to bed for seven months before her death.

    14. Washington Irving

    Matthew Brady / Via

    Washington Irving, author of Sleepy Hollow, is buried in the actual Sleepy Hollow, New York.

    15. Lord Byron

    Lord Byron died in Greece of a fever, while fighting the Ottomans.

    16. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

    Jonathan Richardson / Via

    Although Montagu spent the majority of her life away from England, she passed away in her home at London.

    17. Franz Kafka

    The last spoken words of Kafka were directed at a doctor who was unwilling to give him a lethal dose of morphine. He was dying of tuberculosis and couldn't speak in his final days.

    18. Elizabeth Barret Browning

    Macaire Havre / Via

    This was uttered in response to the question of how she was feeling.

    19. Eugene O'Neill

    Carl Van Vechten / Via

    O'Neill died of pneumonia, after suffering from a Parkinson's-like disease that rendered him physically unable to write for years.

    20. Charlotte Bronte

    Evert A. Duyckinick / Via

    Charlotte Bronte had only been married for nine months when she died.

    21. Truman Capote

    Roger Higgins / Via

    Buddy was Capote's childhood nickname.

    22. Lewis Carroll

    Hubert von Herkomer / Via

    Known for his children's books, Carroll — a pen name — was also a mathematician and photographer.

    23. O. Henry

    A. Newcomb / Via

    Cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism was thought to be the cause Henry's death, as well as a leading factor for a decline in the number of stories he wrote toward the end.

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