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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Dec 3, 2013

    19 Blanket Forts You'll Want To Hibernate In

    Is there really anything better than surrounding yourself in blankets?

    1. Fort Good Vibrations

    Amenities: Lava lamp, mood lighting, plush sheets, and a 100% likelihood of finding weed.

    2. Fort Triumphant

    Amenities: Couches. Just, room for couches.

    3. Fort Party

    Amenities: High roofs, multiple rooms, and places to hide from awkward party situations.

    4. Fort Living Large

    Amenities: Sick mood lighting, laptop stand, and a pillow corner.

    5. Fort Lantern Party

    Amenities: Paper lanterns and built in seating.

    6. Fort Repose

    Amenities: Plenty of sleeping room and pillows on pillows on pillows.

    7. Fort Male Bonding

    Amenities: Guest rooms, wide tunnels, these strapping young men.

    8. Fort Derelict

    Amenities: Strong outer walls, multiple sheets, and a secure entrance way.

    9. Fort Self-Sufficient

    Amenities: A MacBook, guitar, book shelf, snowflake lights, and the feeling of warmth during a long winter.

    10. Fort Hook

    Amenities: Twinkling lights and a sense of sepia nostalgia.

    11. Fort Sprawl

    Amenities: Plenty of leg space, enough room for a fort mate.

    12. Fort Dood

    Amenities: Flat screen TV, lanterns, and a sleeping mat.

    13. Fort Good Enough

    Amenities: Colorful wall anchors and two colors of sheets to choose from!

    14. Fort Brolagio

    Amenities: High ceilings, plenty of space for furniture, and a TV nook.

    15. Fort Cozy Corner

    Amenities: Room to stand, pillowed safety corner, lighting for reading.

    16. Fort Romance

    Amenities: Chocolate fondue fountain... That's enough.

    17. Fort Bro Pad

    Amenities: Easily accessible entrance, beautiful wooden framing, electric candles, and beer.

    18. Fort GROSS

    Amenities: High ceilings, strong colors, and impeccable construction.

    19. Fort Tres Chic

    Amenities: Full bed, secure structure, and tons of patterns to trip out to.

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