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    • jeremy152

      You people are not the smartest. Yes everything is made out of chemicals, but you have different kind of chemicals. Chemicals from natural products are not the same as chemicals they create in a laboratory. They are toxic. Whey protein is toxic.
      When it comes to soy, the consumption of soy as the ancient Asians did it is actually very healthy. Such as soy milk, tofu, fresh young soybeans etc. Soy isolate that is bad and toxic yes, because it is to concentrated and unnatural. Not how you should consume soy.
      People that are talking about fat, you have different kinds of fat. Coconut milk and nuts have healthy fats, we as human beings need those fats. All those industry created shit, like light and low fat, they are all just toxic.
      I totally agree with this post, except for the milk and yoghurt (dairy products). Everyone knows that dairy is unhealthy and bad for humans. It’s better to replace it by spelt milk or almond yoghurt etc.

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