15 Signs "LOST" Changed Your Life

Welcome to the club.

15. You became overly invested in this group of people and still miss seeing them every week.

If you had no life, they were your best friends!

14. You long for moments like this on TV today.

ABC / Via youtube.com

So perfect.

13. You wanted a relationship like Charlie & Claire.

12. Or Desmond & Penny.

11. You for sure had a nightmare involving this guy.

ABC / Via aveleyman.com

10. Your heart skips a beat every time you see any combination of these numbers together.

9. You developed a forever crush on Josh Holloway.

8. No other TV show has come close to the love you have for LOST.

7. It made you cry. A lot.

Almost as much as Jack.

6. This moment gutted you.

ABC / Via youtube.com

5. And this one was just too much.

ABC / Via gifsoup.com

Sawyer & Juliet forever <3

4. You re-watch this regularly because it is one of the best moments in TV history.

ABC / Via youtube.com

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” — Your personal motto.

3. This makes you feel ALL THE FEELS.

2. You had never been so nervous about an episode of TV as you were leading up to the finale.

1. “The End” has left a deep hole in your heart.

Focus Features / Via clairedanescryface.tumblr.com

When Vincent appeared, reality set in.

Jack closed his eye…

Sony Pictures Television / Via gifsoup.com

And you ugly cried your ass off.

We Have To Go Back!!

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