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    Charlie Brown & Snoopy Have Nothing On Isis' Downton Abbey Servants' Hall Christmas Tree

    Bring out your inner valet and come join the servants for tea & Christmas pudding round the tree!

    Lead the way Isis...

    Top of the *Family* Tree

    Carson's Pocket Watch

    Mrs. Hughes' Keys

    Hearty, in more ways than one, Anna

    Making Tracks with Mister Bates

    Mrs. P

    You've Come a Long Way, Daisy!

    Thomas the Evil Footman/Valet/Butler...

    Oh O'Brien

    War Hero William

    Ygritte... I mean, Gwen!

    Starry-Eyed Ethel

    Little Charlie Parks

    Pot-Stirrer Ivy

    Gentle Giant Alfred

    Beloved Beleaguered Blackmailed Baxter

    Merry Molesley

    Where's Branson?!

    I had every intent on including our reluctantly social-climbing chauffeur in this project but cannot find a proper automobile!

    I draw the line at pigs.

    If I can rustle up something, I will certainly edit this posting. He has become quite the father and grown ten-fold as a man living in a stranger's paradise.

    If You Take Anything Away From This Post

    I hope that if you find something you love, something that helps fill a hole in your heart, soothe the pain of living, or just makes you smile, that you will not be afraid or embarrassed to celebrate it.

    I hope you have enjoyed this silly little glimpse into my key-filled world. If you would like any information on where I bought the materials to make these ornaments or advice/tutorials, please do not hesitate to ask! You can also find me over at Silly Style Studio

    Perhaps one day, I'll share the story of how I ran away to the UK for a few months, by way of Downton inspiration. Until then...

    - Jen