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    • jenok

      I’m sorry that many of you think that this is about “expression” when it’s mostly young people trying to be a part of a trend. Why is it acceptable only for these “ravers” to display their drug use on their t-shirts, but if you saw someone who does heroin wearing a t-shirt saying so, that wouldn’t be “expression” at all to you. I’ve been to festivals and I dress normally in shorts and a tank top and have had just as much fun without having to be half naked and covered in glitter. These people don’t dress like this every day - the next day they put on their Abercrombie clothes an go back to being normal people. I think it IS tragic that so many young people feel like they need to be this outrageous (and obnoxious) in order to get attention. You’re not a part of this culture except for the few times a year when you have a festival to go to because its the “cool” thing to do right now. Sad how many people here are sticking up for this superficial lifestyle instead of sticking up for something that is actually important.

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