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    • jennz4a03db27c

      holy crap what an ass. so if they pass out and are drugged raping them is allowed? FUCK NO! I HAVE BEEN AND HE CAN GO SCREW HIMSELF! I hope he drops dead, never listening to that fagets music ever again, to me people who say that are people who have actually DONE THAT!!!!! I don’t give a shit if he is rich, famous whatever he is just a piece of shit now that needs to be gotten rid of. because if he believes in that crap what is he going to do to his kids, wife, family, friends or fans? I HOPE EVERYONE READS THIS AND IS WITH ME. so does this mean if I saw him and he was sleeping and cut off hhis junk, hit him, etc it don’t matter because he was SLEEPING BULLSHIT. HES NOT DEAD!!! and either was that women he drugged! take resonablity or run because every female who has seen this who has gone through this will be bitching just as bad or more. fuck you

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