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Why Ross Gellar Is The Perfect Man

Ross Gellar was sometimes seen as neurotic, emotional, nerdy, and intense. Somehow, all those traits made him that much more desirable.

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5. "That's my SISTER!!" / Via

Even though they were fiercely competitive, Ross and Monica had the type of sibling relationship we all wish we could emulate. Ross was protective of Monica, he loaned her money to spare her the wrath of Judy's harsh words, he allowed his best friend to date his sister because he knew she deserved the world, and he lost his job due to his harsh reaction to a coworker stealing his "moistmaker" sandwich that Monica made specially for him. The Geller's were never divided, except when it came to the Geller Cup, of course.

4. "So I'm a pimp, huh?" / Via

What a great friend. Friends since college with Chandler, supports Phoebe and her crazy antics, LETS JOEY DATE THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. Ross may be a handful sometimes, but he goes above and beyond for his friends, he even sometimes gets drunk and burns his hands on fajitas for them and it's the funniest thing in the world.

3. "Cause Carol's a lesbian, and I'm not... and apparently it's not a mix and match situation." / Via

Let's be honest here, Ross' life is a bit messy. He was married to a lesbian, then had a child with said wife, then married a woman whose name he seemed to momentarily forget at the alter, then divorced said second wife, married his longtime crush on a drunken whim, tried to stay married to said third wife before she finally got a divorce out of him, then had a child with her after a mishap with a condom. Through all that madness, however, Ross proved to be an amazing father and husband every time. He tried so hard to make all three marriages work and he was so loving and fun with both Ben and Emma. Sure, his blended family would make for a very interesting Christmas card but it would be a beautiful one nonetheless.

2. "I AM like Indiana Jones!" / Via

The leather pants, the Miami Vice suits, the teeth whitening, the salmon shirt, the British accent, the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve dancing, the TAN. Ross is a man of style and flair. He's not afraid to take chances (the man counted Mississippily for goodness sake) and his ever-changing hairstyles through the decades proved that his handsome face could handle however much gel was poured onto his hair.

1. "'re my lobster!" / Via

Ross and Rachel. They were endgame and everyone except for Ross and Rachel knew that. He missed an important awards ceremony to take care of her when she injured her ribs, he came to the rescue when she was taking all the other Friends on vacation and their car ran out of gas, he attempted to save her from a crazy boyfriend (sup Ben Stiller) even when no one else believed him, HE PUT ON A TUX AND WAS GOING TO TAKE HER TO PROM WHEN IT APPEARED SHE WAS STOOD UP...all this during times they weren't even together! The way he loved Rachel was like no other and he did so with his heart on one sleeve and his humility on the other. This picture alone shows that when Ross Geller loves, he loved with (cue John Legend) all of him.

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