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    7 Awesome Plus Size Sewing Blogs That Will Inspire You To Sew

    Can't find gorgeous clothes in the right size? Then sew them! These curvy sewing bloggers are blazing a trail by making their own fashion.

    1. Cashmerette

    Cashmerette / Via

    Want to make your very own wrap dress or maybe a lace skirt perfect for twirling? Jenny at Cashmerette shows you how.

    2. Idle Fancy

    Idle Fancy / Via

    Texan Mary of Idle Fancy is making herself 1,000 shirt dresses... because seriously, who ever bought a well-fitting shirt dress in a store?

    3. Mrs. Hughes

    Tanya Maile / Via

    As if living on a Californian ranch wasn't enough goodness, Tanya of Mrs. Hughes makes her very own dresses from vintage patterns, and unlike thrift finds, they fit her perfectly!

    4. Two Random Words

    Two Random Words / Via

    Ever wanted an lobster summer dress? Or maybe an owl wrap dress? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Blogger Sophie-Lee of Two Random Words made her own, and you can too.

    5. U and Mii

    U and Mii / Via

    If you're going to a tea party, what you need is a custom-made tea party dress. T of UandMii has just the pattern for you.

    6. Quirky Pretty Cute

    Quirky Pretty Cute / Via

    Blogger Laurence is all about looking quirky, pretty and cute. Who could say no to that?

    7. Curvy Sewing Collective

    Curvy Sewing Collective / Via

    Want to learn more about sewing for a curvy body? You should check out the Curvy Sewing Collective, a site dedicated to sewing clothes when you're plus size. Just starting out? There's a whole beginners series to help you take the first step to a totally me-made wardrobe.

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