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    • jennyn11

      I thought this wasafascinating article aboutasubject that doesn’t getalot of attention, and the author wasagreat storyteller. My concern, however, is about why in an article that is clearly illustrates how these shelter dogs are important, would perpetuate the negative stereotype of pit bulls who make up the majority of shelter dogs across the US. Three times in this article pit bulls are mentioned negatively—the first when Melville is referred to as, “the Irish pit bull.” What are you trying to suggest? That she has the “typical” drive ofatype of dog,atype of dog who is not even allowed into this program,aprogram that LOOKS FOR DOGS WITH DRIVE. The second instance is when you described in-detail the scene with men looking at pit bulls. By telling that story, which had nothing to do with the subject of the piece, you implied that pit bulls are only of interest to unsavory adopters, whichIassure you is not the case. And finally, the organizations refusal to allow pit bulls into the program and the rationale as stated in the article is extremely disappointing. Some cities do have Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), but those cities are few and hopefully decreasing every year. By banning the breed in SDF, the founders are supporting BSL and the injustice of treating dogs differently based on looks. Many pit bulls and labs look very similar, andIwould hardly argue that victims and rescuers inadisaster are most concerned about the breed of dog assisting.
      SDF sounds like an incredible organization, andIappreciate the in-depth coverage it received in this article, but in the future, please keep your stereotypes out of an otherwise very informative piece.

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