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20 Brady Bunch Movie 20th Anniversary Gifs And Trivia

This week marks the 20th anniversary of The Brady Bunch Movie! Relive the moments with these groovy gifs and fun facts.

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Jason: Marcia, I may be able to use you as a model, but first you'll have to do a little work on yourself.

Marcia Brady: You mean like walking with a book on my head?

Jason: No, I mean like cutting that mousy hair, capping those teeth, and losing about 30 pounds, my little sausage. How do you feel about breast implants?

Marcia Brady: slaps him Cut my hair?

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The Brady Bunch Movie made about $46 Million at the box office, and over $20 Million on rentals - but that number is definitely going up this week with the 20th anniversary!

The Brady Bunch Movie is currently available to rent or buy on Amazon, GooglePlay, and Xbox Video.

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