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Women Transformed Into Chongas And They Looked Fierce As Hell

"This is me. If you don't like it, go make caca somewhere else."

Miami has many staples such as La Carreta, Calle Ocho, and Santa's Enchanted Forest. And then there's the Chonga Girls. The Chonga Girls are Miami legends and perfected the chongalicious style. So, we enlisted them to help us channel our ~inner~ chongas.

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Pero Like / Via

Jenny was all too familiar with what a chonga is because back in her high school days she was reppin' the style all day, every day.

Claudia, on the other hand, was totally clueless about the makeover she was about to get.

Now time to bring in the experts: Meet Mimi and Laura, our gorgeous chonga ladies.

Mimi and Laura are known for being unapologetically themselves and total boss-ass-bitches.

It was time for The Chonga Girls to transform the Pero Like ladies, and they started the process out by giving them some tough love.

They were... less than impressed with Jenny's nails.

After a lot of prepping, and even more dramatic hand motions – the girls were ready!

Claudia went from conservative cute, to sassy and fierce.

Yesssss, girl.

Jenny was ready to slay the dance floor in her new look.


Yesssss. Chongalicious is right.