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This Is When You Know You’re Getting Old AF

"We're gonna take it waaaay back, to an oldie, with Greenday's Good Riddance."

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There comes a time when you really start feeling old. Here are some signs that you might not be so young anymore.

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Somehow, it's time for your 10-year reunion already.

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You're more likely to sip wine by yourself than you are to take a group selfie.

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You're familiar with technology that your co-workers have never seen before.

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I suppose floppy disks could be used as coasters.

And some of the technology that your co-workers are familiar with, you are struggling to keep up on.

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And not that I feel that way, but is it too late for me to start using Snapchat?

You make plans to go out on Friday and Saturday, but then:

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But not everything about getting old is all bad...

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