Top 10 Saddest Things To Do In NYC

It’s winter. Things are bad. Here are some super sad things to do in between trudging through the snow and hiding under your covers.

10. Eat Alone in a Chain Restaurant

There’s nothing like enjoying some sub-par food in a restaurant you could eat at off any major highway in America.

9. See Any Movie Released in January

Whether it’s that World War II movie with every actor your dad likes OR the plummeting death of Aaron Eckhart’s career. It’s time to pay way too much money to see some crap because it’s too cold to do anything else.

8. Stand In Line For A Taping of The Late Show With David Letterman

Because come on.

7. Visit The Financial District

Nothing like fighting your way through tourists and stockbrokers.

6. Watch Re-Runs Of How I Met Your Mother In A Laundromat

It will be more amusing to watch your clothes dry.

5. See Improv In A Basement With No Heat

Just go to any bar in any neighborhood with a basement or back room and ask where the improv show is. Make sure it’s the coldest night of the year too.

4. Buy A Big Dog For A Little Apartment

This way you can have a friend just as depressed as you.

3. Pay Money To See Chicago, Mamma Mia!, or Phantom of the Opera.

These shows are just as TIRED as you are.

2. Stand In A Deli For Half An Hour And Debate Which Flavor Of Pretzel Crisps To Buy

The answer is always Original.

1. Go To A Coffee Shop To Work

There’s nothing like a room full of people choosing to make eye contact with a computer over you.

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