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    • jennyd30

      What sad about this messed up site, and its creator, is that the bullies posting can do so without being known. My daughter is someone whom was bullied on this site, and if you want to find out who the posts are coming from here is what you have to do…. Thank you for contacting Support team.  We are now investigating your daughter’s account, all harassing messages will be removed and bully person suspended.
      As for the investigation, your local police department must contact Latvian police and make an official request, after that we will be able to provide information. Here is a website of Latvian police , we hope you’ll find all the information needed there. Should you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reply. So basically its a HUGE run around… HOWEVER I will NOT stop until I find the people who BULLIED my child, then take action here since I will have names!!!! I will PURSUE to the FULLEST EXTENT of the LAW

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