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10 Things All Jennifers Know to Be True

There are 1,483,694 Jennifers in America. This is their story, as told by famous Jennifers.

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2. No, Not That Jennifer, The Other Jennifer / Via

You cannot remember being in a class in school without at least one other Jennifer, and even now, it's rare that you're the only Jennifer in your office. Yet you still find ways to let you be you.

5. 867-53...Oh...No

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How someone responds when they learn your name is an incredibly accurate way to guess their age: Singing "Jennifer Juniper" by Donovan means they were a '70s flower child, singing "867-5309/Jenny" by Tommy Tutone means they are an '80s kid, and people who grew up in the '90s quote Forrest Gump. The ‘90s were a dark time to be named Jennifer.

The only way you could possibly show your sympathy is to share this post with the Jennifers you know. Because everyone knows at least one.

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