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    27 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Dorm Room

    Make your dorm room feel more like home with succulents, special hangers that'll give you more space in your closet, some cat-butt magnets and more!

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    1. A hanging closet organizer so you can place your backpacks, hats, and sweaters neatly and off the floor. You can go ahead and hide your stress in one of those cubbies too. Easily accessible, but out of the way for now.

    2. A Nutri Ninja single serve blender for anyone whose body is begging them for fresh fruits and vegetables. It even comes with two to-go cups and lids to make the dream of bringing these to class or the gym a reality.

    3. A contoured foam topper, because we all know your dorm room didn't come with a five-star mattress. Upgrade your sleeping experience with this simple layered addition and you'll have top-notch sleep.

    4. A mini-fridge with a dry-erase exterior so you can leave passive aggressive notes for your roommate about doing the dishes. Be careful, they might give you the ~cold~ shoulder. Aww college is SO fun.

    5. A pack of S-shaped hangers to give you much-needed space in your cramped closet! Stack those pants and scarves and you'll see how much space you get, trust me, you'll be hooked.

    6. A compact, tabletop ironing board, because you have reached the intersection of your adult life where you are expected to look polished but you live in a literal shoe box and have no space for a full-sized one.

    7. A lamp with three tiers of shelving that will make great use of the limited space you probably have available. Three tiers for efficiency!

    8. An air fryer designed with a uniformed heating system to get that crispy fried taste without the oil. Thanks science!

    9. A Himalayan sea salt lamp that'll potentially bring good health and wellness to your otherwise toxic life! Midterms, cafeteria food, shared bathrooms, ahhh!

    10. A throw pillow for anyone who needs optimal comfort to get through finals week. *cries into pillow*

    11. An essential oil diffuser that will get you through this cold-as-ever winter just in time to get you through allergy season. Weather is awesome.

    12. A pack of cat butt magnets so your roommates know exactly the kind of person you are on day one.

    13. A set of four bed risers designed with outlet and USB options for a more convenient place to charge your devices while in bed. Elevate your dorm room experience.

    14. An electric wax warmer ideal for those dorm rooms that don't allow candles. You simply place the wax cube inside and the device will warm up until the scent is released.

    15. A bed tray so you can enjoy a nice meal or movie (or both) in bed!

    16. A bed rest pillow to support you literally and figuratively as you cry laughing through a season of Pen15 on Hulu.

    17. A green tea and lemon–scented bed and linen spray to promote relaxation. It's instant comfort even without the comforter!

    18. A set of three glass bulb artificial succulents so real you'll start to think you grew them yourself! A small touch of nature in your bedroom can help you feel more relaxed and settled in.

    19. A white and gold (or is it black and blue?) wall tapestry to add cozy character to your walls without having to paint or decorate in a major way.

    20. An oak-handled wall accent designed with beautiful braids and cotton cords that'll fill up your empty wall space with an aesthetic you'll fall in love with.

    21. An ombré fleece throw blanket made of 100% premium microfiber so you can easily throw it in the wash. Thank goodness, because it's so comfy you're going to use it literally every day.

    22. A rotating pizza oven that will also cook the rest of your college-diet based foods—fresh or frozen! I could honestly watch this rotate for hours. *swoon*

    23. A motion-detecting stick-on closet light to offer an easier way to dig through your clothes when you're late for class and frantically trying to find your favorite tank-top that goes with everything. *runs out of dorm room and trips over shrub*

    24. A bottle of Poo Pourri bathroom spray designed to eliminate the smell of bathroom breaks and awkward roommate interactions like, "uhh, I'd wait a few minutes before going in there."

    25. A six-outlet adapter with two USB ports so you don't have to worry about who gets to juice up their electronics first. You don't want something as silly as a single outlet to spark a fight with your roommate.

    26. A space-saving round ottoman with convenient shoe slots that'll have you saying, "ottoMAN I'm saving so much space!"

    27. A TubShroom that'll have you thinking "why have I lived my whole life without this?!" It sits nicely in your drain collecting all the loose hairs that dare cross its path.

    When you see the amount of hair that comes out of the TubShroom.

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