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    Updated on Jul 13, 2019. Posted on Jul 9, 2019

    This Carpet Cleaner’s Before And After Photos Speak For Themselves (And Leave Us Speechless)

    Your carpet is dirtier than you think!

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    Raise your hand if you have a nasty carpet and you just don't want to admit it...

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    Now keep 'em raised so I can hand you this Carpet Miracle cleaner & deodorizer ($19.97 on Amazon), because once I show you these before and after photos YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO USE IT ON EVERY CARPET IN YOUR HOUSE!



    "I used this miracle solution in conjunction with Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 on my neglected 20 years of carpet. I'll let the pictures do the talking." —John Wang

    Ok let me break down why this Carpet Miracle Shampoo is so great, even though that picture kinda speaks for itself tbh!

    It works in all water-based carpet cleaning machines and carpet steam cleaners such as Hoover, Bissell, Rug Doctor, and Kenmore.


    It can be used on water-safe surfaces such as carpets, rugs, certain furniture and car upholstery. It's biodegradable and non-toxic! Oh and it'll make dirt, pet stains, food and coffee spills disappear. #magic

    Plus there are well over 1,000 raving five-star reviews! Let's take a look at a couple shall we?


    Kristen K says, "I had used carpet vacuums with all kinds of recommended cleaners but they just didn’t have an impact! I finally opened Carpet Miracle Shampoo. These pictures are after some light spot cleaning and one round with the carpet cleaner."

    Full review: "I was very skeptical of the ratings. I just have to say they’re accurate. I had a room that had housed some pets while we were away at work and over many years accidents happened. When you’re not there to clean it up right away the carpet gets stained. I had used carpet cleaners with all kinds of recommended cleaners. But it just didn’t have an impact. After using up the last of another cleaner I had I finally opened this one. The pictures are just after some light spot cleaning and one round with the carpet cleaner." —Kristen K

    BL says, "We used this for a huge coffee stain that was left on a mattress. It worked incredibly well. I am so pleased with the results. We've since started using it as our go-to carpet cleaner. It smells very pleasant!"

    Full review: "Don't know long long the stain had been there, as guest neglected to tell us she spilled an entire cup of coffee on our brand new mattress. I am so pleased with the results. We've since started using it as our go-to carpet cleaner, which with two littles running around, it gets used often! And the smell isn't bad. Very pleasant." —BL

    And Stephanie says, "I have an elderly lab that likes to dig under the deck and then come in and sleep in our bedroom. Her spot was red from the mud. I have tried many, many solutions. This one has proven to be the best! Bonus... it smells AMAZING."

    Full review: "Wow! I have tried many, many solutions. This one has proven to be the best. This is my before and after... just one use. I still need to do another or two, but I'm amazed. This was done without pretreating. I will pretreat on the next cleaning and see if it makes a difference. Regardless, I'm VERY happy with this product. Bonus... it smells AMAZING. I nice subtle clean smell." —Stephanie

    Based on everything we've read today, I'm pretty sure this product doesn't suck. Get it from Amazon for $19.97 and let us know down below what you think!

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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