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What's Your Trick For Beating Writer's Block?

I hear handstands get the blood flowing to your brain.

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Writing, man.

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The highs -- hitting your groove, pumpin' out pages, nailing that one moment in the dialogue -- are so high.


But the lows -- when you're stuck at your desk, with no idea where to go next -- can be soo low.

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Writer's Block: some get it every day, others swear it doesn't exist.

No such thing as writer's block? I'll have what they're having.

Whatever the case, we've all struggled with inspiration at one point or another!

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Maybe you do some yoga to un-block your writerly chakras...


(It usually helps if you get out of your chair, Carrie.)

... or there could be a particular writing exercise that gets your brain jogging every time...

... or there might be one particular book that you turn to for inspiration, every time.

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What are your tricks for overcoming a creative block? Tell us about your best brain-starters in the comments below.

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