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19 People You'll Meet Before You Find "The One"

It's a long journey. Don't give up.

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1. The one who wanted to settle down, like, now.


When you were just getting started.

2. The one who just couldn't get their act together.

Universal Studios / Via

It wasn't your job to do it for them.

3. The one who rocked your world.

The CW / Via

Too bad you can't build a life on sexual chemistry alone.

4. And the one who shattered it.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Because you have to get your heart broken at least once.

5. The one who never had the right timing.

CBS / Via

Which is, after all, half the game.

6. The one who was reeeeally fun to look at.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And not much else.

7. The one who was always getting jealous.

Nobody can live like that.

8. The one who showed you that you deserve better.

Universal Studios / Via

And you weren't going to find it, waiting for them to change.

9. The one your parents hated.

Universal Studios / Via

Eventually, you realized they were right.

10. And the one your parents loved.

New Line Cinema

No, Ma, we're not getting married.

11. The one who became your friend.

Castle Rock Entertainment

You got the tension out of the way and realized you'd rather have each other around, platonically, for keeps.

12. The one who was older, but no wiser.

Endgame Entertainment / Via

At the time, it seemed like they knew so much.

13. The one who tried to change you.

Disney / Via

And taught you the importance of self-reliance.

14. The one who was your high school sweetheart.


Everybody's got one, most of us have lost one.

15. The one who broke your trust.

Netflix / Via

At least they made you smarter.

16. The one you'll never forget.

Warner Bros.

Because some loves make for beautiful stories.

17. The one who was just a real asshole.

Lions Gate Entertainment / Via

Like high school sweethearts, everybody's dated one.

18. The one that was doomed from the start.

ABC / Via

You knew. You loved them anyway.

19. And of course, there's the one who could've been "The One."

Envision Media Arts

But then, there was life.

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