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    55 Reasons British Men Are Bloody Gorgeous

    'ello poppet.

    1. That thing they do where they dip their chin a little and look up at you.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    2. The way they laugh with their whole face when they're reeeally happy.

    3. The way they manage confidence without cockiness.

    4. The fact that they never. Wear. Bro tanks.

    5. The way they're not afraid to compliment you, straight-up.

    6. THIS THING where they have one hand on their face and it's like, peekaboo handsome.

    See also: signet ring.

    7. That gorgeous lil' smirk.

    Focus Features

    8. Their incredible grace under pressure.


    Which could just be an awkward unwillingness to admit something's wrong, but whatever.

    9. The way they're always impeccably dressed.

    BBC / Via

    No cargo shorts on these boys.

    10. But they also look phenom with little on at all.

    Even with this weird necklace, Ed is killing it.

    11. That self-assured self-deprecation.

    12. The way they can so pull off ginger.

    BBC Two

    13. Seriously. Red-headed Brits are hot.

    I don't even care if they have souls or not.

    14. That pensive beard stroke.


    British men like Charlie Brooker (swoon) know the sexiness of intelligence.

    15. That look they get when they're falling in love.

    16. Their coy sense of humor.

    Sorry, babe, humouuur.

    17. Their ability to start a fire in a button-up shirt.

    Or at least, carry firewood and look damn good doing it.

    18. Their sensitivity.

    Universal Studios / Via

    19. Their dimples.

    20. Their good lad values!

    21. This goofy "yuuuup" grin.

    22. The way they know exactly what to do in tough moments.

    23. Their willingness to be utterly ridiculous.

    Once you get to know them, of course.

    24. The adorable crinkles in their eyes when they laugh.

    25. The way they boogie.

    26. And the way they groove.

    27. And the way NO-body has moves like Jagger.

    28. The cute face they make when they're indignant.

    29. The way they smile even when they disagree with you.

    30. That lil' head-to-shoulder modesty move.

    31. The way they greet you with words, not just a chin jut.

    32. The way they know how to set the mood.

    33. That. Lip. Bite.

    34. Or the lip-bite-grin evolution.

    35. The way they take their tea: adorably.

    36. THEIR SUITS.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    37. Seriously, all men should always wear suits.

    Smooth that tie, Tom.

    38. The way they can make you feel like the only girl in the world.

    39. How when they say something, they mean it.

    Universal Studios / Via

    40. The way they can be just too lovable.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    41. The way they wear those long winter coats with the collars up.

    42. The adorable way they try on American English.

    Momentum Pictures / Via

    43. The way they'll readily admit when they've found something good.

    44. That thing where they lean back to think.

    45. When they do this little faux-frown.

    46. The way they get to the point.

    *blushes seventy shades of red*

    47. Everything about this man.

    Eon Productions / Via

    Our hearts are shaken AND stirred.

    48. The way they look when you take their breath away.

    Universal Studios / Via

    49. Their romanticism.

    50. That thing where they wear sweaters on top of button downs and it's like, Hello!

    51. Their slightly awkward and wholly endearing style of flirtation.

    Working Title Films

    52. The way they rock a bowtie.

    CW / Via

    While begging you to stay.

    53. Their understated, honest manner of expressing their feelings.

    Universal Studios / Via

    54. The way they're good with animals.

    Getty Images WPA Pool

    55. Their emotional intelligence.

    Sing it, Nicholas.

    Oh. And they have accents. Those are pretty nice, too.

    God save the Queen.

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