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    18 Moments Every Long Distance Couple Lives For

    When your bags are packed.

    1. That moment you hear their voice on the line at the end of a long day.

    2. When you get your flight confirmation email.

    And set all of your countdown calendars to the exact hour you'll get off the plane.

    3. That moment when your S.O. on the other side of the world wakes up.

    4. When the Skype connection is crystal clear.

    This is so much better than when you're a mess of pixels!

    5. And that moment when you get a letter in the mail.

    'Cause their hands sent it. :}

    6. When the "days-til-I-get-to-hug-you" countdown gets to the single digits.


    7. When you get all cute for one of your Skype dates like it's a ~real life~ date.

    8. That moment when you get off of Skype and you're like, "HOW did I get so lucky."

    9. When you get a voice message from your S.O.

    "Just called to say I love you and also there's this great Youtube video you need to watch, I sent you the link."

    10. When there's a surprise waiting for you on your desk.

    Even though it makes you feel like the corniest person in the world, you still love getting and sending surprise flowers.

    11. That moment when your bag's all packed (!)

    12. When you're finally ON YOUR WAY TO SEE YOUR BFF/S.O./FAVORITE PERSON.

    13. That moment when, after months and months, you finally see each other again.

    You always try not to tear up, but you will anyway.

    14. When your S.O. is in town so you get to show them all your favorite places.

    15. That moment when you finally get to introduce your S.O. to your friends.

    16. That moment when you get to kiss! Because they don't exist on a screen! And they have lips!

    17. When you smell your S.O.'s smell and you're like, yep, this is the one.

    18. That moment when all of this long distance madness is finally over.

    When you'll look back on the time you spent apart and think, "Man, we made it."