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31 Realities Every International Relationship Faces

*checks time in London for 12th time today*

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1. Instead of spending money on date nights you spend it on plane tickets.

Fox Searchlight / Via

2. You're 100% committed and in it for the long haul.

New Line Cinema

Why else would you be dating someone who lives on the other side of the world?

3. You get really frustrated about immigration laws.

Color Force / Via

And secretly think there should just be a human rights clause for people in love.

4. When people complain about their little fights you secretly get a bit jealous.


I wish I could be upset about my boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up all the time.

5. Bad Wi-Fi and poor cell reception are your mortal enemies.

Offspring Entertainment

Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hey, can you hear me? How about now?

6. Both of your families are terrified you're going to move away forever.

FOX / Via

When what you really want is a super awesome bicontinental lifestyle.

7. You're always finding new ways to express your affection from a distance.

How did you like the mariachi band I ordered, honey?

How did you like the mariachi band I ordered, honey?

8. Sometimes you just leave little voice messages to let them know they're on your mind.

Color Force / Via

Because they're asleep when you're thinking of them.

9. Everyone is constantly asking when you're going to just make the move.

BBC / Via

Ask Theresa May.

10. More than anything else, you just really miss cuddling.

Super Crispy

Pillows give crappy hugs.

11. You turn to other couples in international relationships to see what the future holds.

American Zoetrope / Via

And even though NOBODY tells you it's easy, you feel encouraged knowing others have made it through.

12. Your internal clock is permanently split between two sides of the globe.

Jennifer Schaffer / BuzzFeed

13. Even if you speak the same language, sometimes humor or sarcasm can get lost in translation.

But everything they do is adorable and funny and perfect anyway.

14. Sometimes you have to stay up super late just to talk for a few minutes.

Disney / Via

Because the sun is there when the moon is here.

15. You have crazy amounts of alone time.

Touchstone Cinema

But even when you're doing other things, they're on your mind.

16. You live for the little notes you leave each other.

And you leave them everywhere.

And you leave them everywhere.

17. You've used Skype to meet their friends and family.

It's nice to meet you too, Buddy!

It's nice to meet you too, Buddy!

18. The countdown to seeing your S.O. is seriously intense.

It's basically how you mark time.

19. Your friends are always telling you how hard it must be to love someone so far away.

Yeah, man, who knows!

20. You've revived the art of letter-writing.

Relativity Media

You've kept every single letter he's sent.

21. This is either the best or the worst view in the world.

Either way, you're just itching to get off the damn plane.

Either way, you're just itching to get off the damn plane.

22. The global geopolitical situation has a real effect on your relationship.

So you're super up-to-date on the news.

So you're super up-to-date on the news.

23. There's no feeling in the world like that first hug at the airport.

Relativity Media

OMG you're real human-sized and you're wonderful and I LOVE YOU.

24. When you're finally in the same place, it's like every part of you breaths a sigh of relief.

And you try desperately to shut off the part of your mind that knows it's just for a week.

25. You love getting to show each other your favorite spots when you visit.

Super Crispy / Via

And it's a great excuse to go to the cheesiest, most touristy places too.

26. You're constantly giddy from the thrill of not being separated by an ocean or a continent.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And you never take a single millisecond for granted.

27. And sometimes you just like to savor the silence.

Super Crispy

After hours and hours of talking and texting, you really missed that quiet closeness.

28. You can have the most impossible wishes.

Like promises to be fulfilled at a later date.
Disney / Via

Like promises to be fulfilled at a later date.

29. And there is no feeling in the world more difficult than this.


Now you're going to go back to being the size of my thumb. :-(

30. So much of your future is uncertain except the one thing that's just, well, non-negotiable.

New Line Cinema / Via

31. And ultimately, given the choice, you wouldn't change a thing about this insane situation you've gotten yourself into.

Because no matter how much time you have apart right now, you'll have so much more time together. Someday.

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