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32 Truths Every Person Who Dreams Of Moving To NYC Understands

No one can afford to live in Manhattan. We get it.

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4. When people tell you there are cockroaches all over and rats the size of your feet, you're like, "All right, I'll deal."

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Small price to pay for living in the greatest city on earth, don't you think?


9. And when you find yourself moving anywhere that isn't New York -- for a job, for a significant other, for no reason at all -- you're like, "Wait, what am I doing?"

10. You dream about being squished between sweaty strangers on the subway, because that means you'll really be a part of it.

11. You're drawn to the struggle, the hustle, the nearly impossible odds.

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You even get a little thrill out of people laughing at you when you wax poetic about the City.

12. You compulsively check Craigslist ads for the studio apartment of your dreams.

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That's how you know you won't be able to afford a studio until you're 40, and you won't be afford to a place like this until you're dead.


18. Everybody tells you it's going to be harder than you think, and you're like, "That's exactly what I want."

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Call me foolish, call me masochistic, whatever. Just call me a New Yorker.


20. You dream of those Brooklyn rooftops with a view of the city skyline.

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And if you're honest, your favorite part of Girls is the scenes where you get to see the city.

21. When friends who moved to New York start complaining, you're like, "What were you expecting?!"

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But secretly you look forward to the day you earn the right to complain too.

23. No place on earth -- no other city, no natural landscape, nothing -- is more beautiful to you than the New York skyline.


24. When you have a layover at Newark or JFK, you have to force yourself not to run out and hail a cab into the city.

28. You've done the math, and you know that once you make the move, there will be days, weeks, years when the only earthly possession you have to your name is the city itself.

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