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    26 Indispensible Life Lessons "Will & Grace" Taught You

    "Where there's a Will, there's a Grace."

    1. Sometimes, a touch of shamelessness is the best way to get what you want.

    2. When you're fabulous, it's important to play it cool.

    3. Sometimes our friends just need to hear one thing...

    4. And sometimes friendship means brutal honesty.

    5. Christmas is all about miracles.

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    6. And Thanksgiving has very humble origins.


    7. Sometimes, you gotta get creative to make it through the work day.

    8. Adulthood is never what you expect it to be.

    9. But best friendship always stays the same.

    10. There are some really confusing things in this world.

    11. Modern dating involves a lot of PAIN.


    ^ You, when your Tinder matches are all creeps.

    12. Impress your friends by making every movie date special.

    13. When someone throws shade, you've just gotta shake it off.


    14. Life's too short to listen to boring people talk.


    15. Honesty is the fastest way to recovery.


    16. Sometimes, a reality check is in order.

    17. Nothing good can come of reading old love letters.


    18. Healthy coping mechanisms are a must.


    19. You should always channel your energy in a positive way.

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    20. A bad temper is rarely attractive.


    21. Being straightforward pays off.


    22. Life is tough, so it's important to maintain healthy self-esteem.

    23. Relish the joy of shutting down the haters.


    24. Always strive to be an ally.

    25. Forget about labels — they're totally pointless.

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    26. Where there's a Will, there's always a Grace.

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