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15 Vines That Hilariously Sum Up Your Filipino Childhood


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1. When you accidentally argued with your mom:

2. When your grandparents would ask you about your plans for the future:

3. Every Filipino party ever:

4. When your parents got angry...:

5. When you would text in front of your mom:

6. When you ran into that one random auntie you hadn't seen in years:

7. When you needed to get someone's attention:

8. When your parents tried to use hip slang:

9. That moment when you made chicken adobo for the first time and were so damn proud:

10. When you were always running on Filipino time:

11. When your lola couldn't remember your name because she has so many other grandkids:

12. When your classmates would try to figure out what ethnicity you are:

13. When you made it clear exactly where your roots are:

14. When your mom would tickle you as a toddler:

15. When you were taught healthy self-esteem at an early age:

OK, so it helped that you were always adorable.

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